The Number One Fruit That Helps Calm My Chronic Prostatitis Pain

One of the major symptoms of chronic prostatitis is a sharp, streak of pain throughout the penis - a mixture of intense tightness and stabbing. It's annoying. It is really fucking annoying. 

I've had and managed chronic prostatitis for the past eleven years. 

How bananas help

When I first began experimenting with diet, eliminating what worsened and what calmed my symptoms - I noticed that pain, in particular, eased after eating one or two bananas. The sharp pain wasn't as brutal and the tension was less irritating. 

The bananas were (and are) eaten in the morning on an empty stomach. The effect of the fruit lasts until early afternoon when the stresses of the day gradually overtake any beneficial effect it may have. 

Pros of eating bananas

Bananas are high in potassium - both an electrolyte and mineral needed by your body in order for it to work properly. Cramps and spasms occur when a muscle is not able to relax properly (such as from a deficiency of potassium in your diet). A medium-sized ripe banana contains around 450mg of potassium.

Bananas come in all shapes and sizes - from Cavendish (pictured) to Lady Fingers. Over the years, I've tried them all and found none more effective than another. 

This is not a case of eating one banana then any and all pain immediately leaving. But there's no doubt that, for me, they provide some minor relief, and sometimes that's all we're looking for.   

Published on March 02, 2021

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