Xavier's Story

I'm 40 and I live in France, not far from Paris. I lived for several years overseas, mostly in Asia, (I especially love Thailand and Indonesia). I still travel there each year so my wife can see her family, she’s from Pattani in the far south of Thailand. 

I was diagnosed with gonococcal urethritis in April 2007. I was 27. At the time I was with my long-time ex-girlfriend. One of the symptoms I had was a white discharge [from my penis]. I think it was gonorrhoea, however, the doctor never did a test so I cannot be 100 per cent certain. If it was gonorrhoea then my ex-girlfriend probably caught it from someone else. We were not very happy together. 

It was the first time I had such a sickness, and I was not able to recognize the reason for the itchy/burning feeling. I tried to forget about it for a few weeks but it didn't want to leave. The doctor prescribed seven days of ofloxacin, as I mention, without any lab tests. 

By the end of the treatment, several symptoms had disappeared - the itching and discharge from the penis were gone - but I started to develop other symptoms...

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